Happy Valentines day!

Love what you do, and what you do will love you

I’m not of those who use to celebrate Valentines day, but this year I have an excuse!

True love doesn’t ask for anything in return, but eventually this love is given back to you. Today I want to celebrate the love for the things we do, because things made with love and dedication always attract good things.

As it happens in relationships, the more you love something/someone, the more it hurts when you get disappointed, but as well, the more happy you are when things turn out right.

This is my first magazine cover, that has made my very happy and I wanted to share with you all.



And this are some of the pictures that illustrate an article about which flowers you should buy depending on what you want to transmit.

What do you think about my sexy/sweet version of Cupid?




Photography Alba Soler
Model Ana García
Makeup Tania Moret
Production Flordselva
Flowers Flores Feliu

P.S. As always, please excuse any errors in my english! Feel free to correct anything you want through the comments.

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Glad to see you here once more!


Love always,